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"it all takes extra patience and compassion and when we lose it we have to find it again." (Ljova)

green flower shoots coming  up in spring
When texting with one of our first guest families who became friends and repeat visitors to Tenwood Lodge, I asked the dad how they were doing in their Upper West Side NYC apartment with their 2 young sons. He said they were doing pretty well, and added, "it all takes extra patience and compassion and when we lose it we have to find it again." One of the things we like best about our vacation rental home is the people we get to meet, extended families planning weddings, family reunions or nuclear families coming for a variety of reasons.  Ljova and Inna are a fascinating musical couple and we've had the privilege of not only hosting them to come to one of their favorite places, but also to have them do two different house concerts on  2 of their visits!  What a treat that was,  Ljova is a Juilliard graduate, plays the violin and fadolin (6 string-which was crafted by a master luthier in Trumansburg)  and he not only does composing for movie scores and lots of his own creations, but he did a really cool thing called Signal Strength  which was ahead of his time, where he used NYC public wifi to coordinate a concert over MacBooks.  Check it out here.
When we were commuting from Queens I had the privilege of bringing Ljova's fadolin back from a stay at its creator's "violin hospital"  and meeting him briefly in Manhattan.   During these first weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown and self-quarantines, it was great to be able to use technology and "visit" with Ljova after watching his youngest play accordian on Facebook.  How are you doing out there?  Hopefully you are all well, warm, have enough to eat (but don't overeat!) and your family is likewise.  We're staying positive and prayerful out here in the middle of our rural location just 12 minutes south of Ithaca, NY, mindful of many friends and guests who have become friends who are suffering in many ways, particularly in NYC and Queens where we lived for over 20 years, near Elmhurst.  We have seen a huge loss in business, but the flip side is that we have met some really nice people via email and phone as we canceled spring time stays here.  We trust we will get to welcome families to Tenwood Lodge as soon as possible and that everyone gets back to a new normal.  Meanwhile spring is pushing up daffodil leaves from the cold mulch!