About Tenwood Lodge: A Unique Family Retreat

Invite your family to return to the nest!

Built with family in mind…..

Constructed using ten different varieties of locally available wood species and completed in 2013, Tenwood Lodge is the dream home of almost empty-nesters Russ and Kim Nitchman (parents of five).  Architect designed to optimize views of our unique valley, built with fusion of timber-frame and sheet rock.

Intentionally remote

We purchased the land in Danby (south of Ithaca) in 2000, seeking a retreat that wasn’t “too removed from civilization” for our kids to experience nature and for Russ to pursue his hunting passions.  Little did we know just how ideal this location would be for our purpose.

Get away from it all

Escape to over 100 acres in a lovely valley with grass, agriculture, wildlife, and wooded hillside.  In 2000 we were not grid-tied and lived in the barn.  In 2016 we have a fabulous 6 bedroom home which is over 98% solar-powered (and grid-tied) and incorporates as many green features as we could pack into it-including our huge recycled awesome kitchen!  View wildlife neighbors dropping by while you look through the many energy efficient windows or sit on one of the decks constructed from locally milled black locust.

Unique and not for everyone

Russ is an avid hunter and outdoorsman- as you can see from the collection of taxidermy in our “Trophy Room” living room.  We intentionally have no TV service (we can use a DVD player) and of necessity must slow down our the internet usage as we wait for technology to catch up – we use a limited cellular data plan until unlimited internet is available to us.

Ithaca is “GORGES”

When you’ve relaxed enough and are ready to explore, 2 Finger Lakes state parks, food shopping, 2 colleges, 1 winery, a brewery and downtown Ithaca are all under 15 minutes away and that’s just the beginning!  Greater Ithaca is a nature lover’s and foodie’s delight, complete with a few 24 hour stores, fabulous restaurants, wineries and pubs, elite higher education, many cultural opportunities,  Cayuga Lake and some of the most amazing waterfalls available to view or hike.